What are EMFs?

What are EMF's and why you should be concerned?
Electricity is everywhere. When electricity is transmitted, it is transformed into an alternating current (AC) which reverses polarity 60 times per second. As alternating currents are sent through wires, machines and appliances, they produce Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF's).

It is possible that Electro-Magnetic Fields produced by power lines may increase the incidence of cancer. There have been reports of leukemia among children who live near power lines, as well as increased rates of cancer of utility workers that are exposed to EMF's. Exposure does increase the risk of childhood cancer.

The office of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the United States Issued a policy of prudent avoidance of EMF's.

How can I find out if I have EMF in and around my home?

In homes, sources of EMF include television and stereo systems, telephone answering machines, refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, microwave ovens, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, portable heaters and cell and portable phones.

Have a survey performed by Wise Electric Control Inc. A survey consists of a background check and a detailed check of the area.

What should I do if I find I have high magnetic fields?
The important thing to keep in mind is that chronic exposure is what matters. It makes sense to avoid spending time in areas that have high readings above the two milligauss.

What if the fields are high all over my house?
If the fields are high outside your home, you may have electrical tension lines near you.

If the fields are high inside the house, but low outside this means that the house is creating its own fields. In this case, you may consider having Wise Electric Control, Inc. check the wiring in the house.

In 95% of the cases, you will find that enough low field areas are available. Changing your habits and rearranging your furniture will allow you to spend most of the day in low field areas.

Wise Electric Control, Inc. will assist you in recommendations for you and your family to avoid high EMF's

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